Placing your LivePlan account on hold

If you have a monthly LivePlan subscription, and you're done working on your plan for now but may want to access it in the future, we recommend putting your account on hold. While your account is on hold, you pay a small monthly fee to keep your information backed up on our secure servers, and you can reactivate it anytime. You can also download your plan anytime while your account is on hold.


Annual subscribers never need to place an account on hold

If you have an annual subscription and need to take a hiatus from working on your plan, there's no need to place your account on hold. If you choose not to renew your subscription, your companies will remain backed up on our servers until you need to reactivate.

If you currently have a monthly subscription, you may find that updating your account to an annual one saves you money and gives you the flexibility to take breaks from planning. Please contact us for more details on changing your subscription plan.

Note: If you prefer to cancel your account, you'll find details here.


To put your account on hold:

  1. From the Account menu, choose Manage Account
    Arrow Pointing to manage account.png

  2. In the sidebar of the account management page, click Cancel Account:
    manage account menu cancel highlighted.png
  3. Click Put account on hold

  4. In the overlay that appears, click Put account on hold

  5. To exit the account management page, on the back arrow in the upper-left corner:
    manage account menu with back arrow highlighted.png


Your account will be active for the rest of the current paid period, and then it will be placed on hold. Your billing amount will change to the on-hold charge at that time.

You can reactivate your account or cancel it without any consequences during the remainder of your current paid period. 


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