Setting up the Dashboard after you've created a forecast Follow

To get the most benefit from the Dashboard, you'll need to enter two sets of financial information into LivePlan:

  • Your future forecast
  • Your past actuals from your accounting solution

Once these two sets of values are in LivePlan, the Dashboard can accurately show you how your business is doing compared to your forecast or periods of past performance.

Note: This article assumes that you have already created your LivePlan forecast. If you haven't, that's fine - in that case, you can skip this article and use your accounting categories to create your forecast categories instead. That will save you some time.


Step 1: Connect to your accounting solution or manually enter your results

Click the Dashboard tab, and then click Get Started:


Then, connect to your accounting solution:

If you aren't using one of the integrated accounting solutions, you can use the manual entry interface to enter your actual results.


Step 2: Map your accounts

Once connected to an accounting solution, you need to map the accounts you are importing to the appropriate forecast entries in LivePlan:

Note: If you entered your actuals manually, you'll skip this step.


Step 3: Use the overview and trend views to track your progress

Once you have both sets of values in LivePlan, these articles will help you interpret your data: 

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