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In addition to the default plan outline, LivePlan provides a selection of pre-built topics, charts, and tables that may be useful for specific kinds of businesses. 

This content is available in the Outline page of the Plan tab. You can easily add these items to any section of your plan.

Note: If you need content that's not included in the list below, you can also add custom chapters, sections, and topics to your plan.


Below is a list of these available items:

Available Topics

  • Barriers to Entry
  • Company History
  • Exit Strategy
  • Expected Return
  • Future markets
  • Intellectual Property
  • Key Customers
  • Key Planned Hires
  • Market Growth
  • Market Size & Segments
  • Market Trends
  • Partners & Resources
  • Pricing
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Risks & Mitigation
  • Roadmap

Available Charts

  • Cash Flow by Month
  • Cash Flow by Year
  • Expenses by Month
  • Financial Highlights by Year
  • Net Profit (or Loss) by Year
  • Revenue by Month

Available Tables

  • Balance Sheet (With Monthly Detail)
  • Cash Flow Statement (With Monthly Detail)
  • Milestones Table
  • Personnel Table 
  • Profit and Loss Statement (With Monthly Detail)
  • Projected Balance Sheet
  • Projected Cash Flow Statement
  • Projected Profit & Loss
  • Revenue Forecast Table (With Monthly Detail)


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