How can I get an invoice for my LivePlan payment? Follow

We provide billing documentation for your LivePlan subscription by sending an email receipt each time a monthly or annual payment is posted. These emails are sent to the account owner's email address. If you need any or all receipts for your account re-sent to you, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.


For VAT invoice requests:

Palo Alto Software is a U.S. company with no VAT registration. We do not apply any VAT to your LivePlan purchase, so we do not issue any VAT invoices.


Adding a business name and address to your billing receipt 

Our receipt format specifies only the account owner's name, but if you need your business name to be included instead, you can change the name of your LivePlan account to your business name. 

To change your account name to a business name:

  1. From the Account menu, choose Manage Account:
  2. On the account management page, the Account Name field will display your current account name:
  3. Change the account name to your company name, and click Save Changes. The new name will appear on your future billing receipts:


If you'd prefer to add a business address:

Follow the steps above, but type your company name and address into the Account Name field. (There is no character limit this field.) Click Save & Close to save the change:


The company name and address will now appear on your future billing receipts.



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