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Switching from manual entry to your accounting solution

If you’ve already entered some of your actual results manually, you can still connect to QuickBooks Online or Xero. However, once you connect to an accounting solution, any data you entered manually will be deleted and replaced with the data uploaded from that accounting solution.


To switch from manual entry to an accounting solution:

  1. Click the Connect button, located near the top-right of your LivePlan window:
  2. Follow the steps for connecting to your accounting solution provided in the following articles:
    1. Connecting LivePlan to Xero
    2. Connecting LivePlan to QuickBooks Online

Switching from your accounting solution to manual entry

You can still switch to manual entry if you’ve already used either QuickBooks Online or Xero to upload your actual results into the Dashboard. The data you uploaded from the accounting solution will not be discarded but will no longer be automatically updated.


To switch from an accounting solution to manual results entry:

  1. Click on the Mapping link, located near the top-right of your LivePlan window:
  2. In the Mapping menu, click "Disconnect from Quickbooks" or "Disconnect from Xero":
  3. In the overlay that appears, confirm that you want to disconnect by clicking the Disconnect button:
  4. Now, you can add manually-entered actuals to your Dashboard. For more information about how to do this, see Manually entering actual results.
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