Why can't I see Dashboard revenue and expense breakdowns if I've entered overall values? Follow

When you enter your actuals manually in the LivePlan Dashboard, you can enter either detailed or overall (total) values for your revenue and expenses:

manual entry overall.jpg#asset:1195

If you've entered overall numbers for revenue and expenses, this banner will appear at the bottom of the Dashboard overview:

no mapping banner SB3.jpg#asset:1196

In this situation, we don't have the detailed values to show, so the revenue and expense breakdown charts are hidden on the Dashboard overview. But, if you take the time to enter detailed values for each revenue stream and expense category, you will see breakdown charts for these metrics (i.e., revenue broken down by stream and expenses broken down by category) on the overview:

revenue expense breakdown stripe.jpg#ass

If you find the manual entry process too tedious, and you're using Xero or QuickBooks Online, try connecting LivePlan to your accounting solution. Once LivePlan is connected, the detailed data from your accounting solution will be automatically imported directly into the Dashboard.

To learn how to connect LivePlan to your accounting solution, read the appropriate article below:

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