Why can't I see my forecast data in the benchmarks section? Follow

When you first set up your company and build your forecast, the Benchmarks display will default to the same start date you choose for your forecast, even if that start date is in the future.

If you change the start date of your forecast, however, then you may find that you see "No Data" in the Forecast column of the Benchmarks page, as shown below:


If this is the case, all you'll need to do is manually change the date range of your Benchmarks display to match the new forecast's start date:

Note: In this example below, we began with a forecast start date of February 2022, and then changed that to June 2022, resulting in the No Data results.
  1. Locate the pull-down date-selection menu. Select Specific months:
  2. In the menu that appears, you can select a date range, as shown below. First, choose your new forecast starting month as the end of that date range (from the To field on the right), then select a starting month to compare in the From field on the left. Then click Apply:
  3. With that change of date range, you should now be able to see your forecast data in the Benchmarks display:





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