Adding a break-even analysis to your plan

A break even analysis tells you how much you need to sell in order to cover your costs of doing business. A break even analysis is particularly useful if the products or services that you sell have costs associated with them, such as the costs of buying materials for your products. This is because every product you sell generates an additional cost - the cost of buying the materials for your product. So, the more you sell, the higher your expenses will be.

While LivePlan doesn't have a dedicated break-even analysis calculator, you can still add a break-even section to your plan. We offer a break-even calculator on our Bplans site. You can use that tool to put together a break-even analysis separately and then insert the result as an image into your plan.

The video below will show you how to use the Break Even Calculator.


Adding your break-even analysis to your plan as a image:

  1. After you've competed your break-even analysis, take a screenshot of your results.Break Even Calculator.png
  2. When you click on the Plan section, the current plan outline is displayed in the right-hand column. Click on the Outline editor and scroll down to find the Financial Plan chapter. From Available Content in the left-hand column, click Custom and then drag a custom topic and place it in your Financial Plan chapter. Then rename this new topic in the righthand column. The animation below will demonstrate this process.Adding Break Even Analysis Custom Topic.gif
  3. Once you've added your new Break-Even Analysis topic, go back to your View & Edit section in your plan and scroll down to the Financial Plan chapter until you see your just-added topic. Select Start Topic (or Edit if you've already started editing).Arrow Pointing to New Topic.png
  4. Once you're in the topic, select the option in the bottom toolbar to add an image, and upload the screenshot of your Break-Even Analysis.Arrow Pointing to Add Image.png

Now that you have added a Break-Even Analysis in your plan, you can resize the image or work on placement, as well as adding some clarifying text to your new topic. 

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