LivePlan system requirements

You can access LivePlan from almost any computer (and many devices), so long as you have a strong, reliable Internet connection. We test the app regularly with all of the operating systems and browsers that our customers commonly use. Please take a look below for details.

Windows and Mac

We fully support both Microsoft Windows and macOS, provided that the version you're using can run one of the supported browser versions listed below.

Note that some older Windows and Mac computers can only run older browser versions and may not be able to run our app without issues. If your computer can't run a browser from the supported list below, we can't promise it will run the app well since we don't test for such scenarios.

Supported browsers

We support the latest version of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (macOS only)


The current version of iOS is fully supported on the iPad. LivePlan generally runs well on the iPhone, but we do not routinely test on those smaller devices. We do not recommend or support attaching a third-party keyboard to any mobile device for data entry. Attached bluetooth keyboards can create issues with navigation and text editing in LivePlan on iOS devices.

LivePlan generally works on an iPad or iPhone for viewing and light editing of the plan content. We don't have a mobile app version of LivePlan; instead, you'd be accessing our web-based software through the web browser app on your device.

Keep in mind that LivePlan automatically saves our secure servers about every 5 seconds as you work. This requires an internet connection with a strong upload speed. If you're working in LivePlan using a public wifi connection, we can't guarantee its upload speed will be fast enough for the optimal operation of LivePlan.

Other mobile devices

  • Android — Tablets and phones running Google's Android operating system are generally capable of running our app effectively. The potential sticking point is the text editor. Different devices use different flavors of Android, and some of those flavors — like older versions of Apple's iOS operating system — do not support rich text editing in web apps.

If you use a different device, browser, or operating system, feel free to try it. We can't offer any guarantees, but since our app is designed to web standards, any standards-compliant platform may run it well.

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