Locating data that seems to be missing from LivePlan

As you can imagine, we take any possibility of data loss very seriously. LivePlan automatically backs up your data every 5 seconds and every time you click an I'm Done, Save Changes, or Save & Close button for a particular task. Your company and account information is saved securely on our online servers.

Because of these frequent automated saves, data loss in LivePlan is extremely rare. If you've entered data and feel that it's no longer in your plan, here are some ways to locate it:


Checking the Opportunity chapter of your plan outline:

The first two chapters of the plan outline, Executive Summary and Opportunity, have very similar topics. (This is because the Executive Summary summarizes the rest of your plan.)

So if data appears missing, you might need to look in a different chapter. In the sidebar of the Plan section, click both the Executive Summary and Opportunity chapter headings to see the content in both chapters. (Remember, the Executive Summary chapter also has an Opportunity section. Skip that one and click on the Opportunity chapter heading instead.)



Checking the Pitch and Plan sections:

LivePlan creates two different business plan documents: the Pitch and the Plan. Each one has its section in your account. Data you enter in one of these sections will not populate the other section. If you've entered data and aren't seeing it LivePlan, you may want first to check both sections to see if it's in one or the other:



Checking a PDF download: 

Another helpful way to locate data that seems to be missing is to download a PDF copy of your plan. Scan through the PDF. Do you see your data there?

If you don't see your data in the PDF, please let us know and we'll be glad to help further.


Testing your internet connection:

If you have tried the three troubleshoots above and are still not seeing your data, then it's possible that your internet connection was experiencing a sudden slowdown or interruption at the time of an automated save. This is a rare occurrence. 

If you feel that your internet connection may be interfering with automated saving in LivePlan, please let us know and we'll help you perform a connection speed test and interpret the results.

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