Adding and editing schedule milestones

The LivePlan Schedule section helps you turn your plans into focused action by allowing you to break out concrete milestones with due dates along the road to opening your company. To see the Schedule section in action, see our Getting Started Videos page.

This feature is available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

Adding a milestone

You can add new milestones from three places within LivePlan:

  1. In the Schedule section:
    schedule section with add a milestone highlighted.png
  2. In the Plan section, on the View & Edit page:
    plan sedction view edit page with add milestone highlighted.png
  3. In the Pitch, by clicking Edit and selecting Milestones:
    pitch section edit and add milestone highlighted.png

The process for adding milestones is essentially the same from any of these locations. Any milestones you add will show up in the Milestones Table in your downloaded plan document:

Milestones_table_plan.pngThey will also display on the Schedule page:Milestone Schedule.png The next four upcoming Milestones will be displayed on your Pitch as well:


To add a milestone:

  1. In the Schedule section, click Add a Milestone:add milestone.png
  2. In the overlay that appears, enter a name for the milestone:
    edit milestone.png
  3. Enter a due date for the milestone by either typing it in or using the date picker:

    milestone due date.png
  4. Optionally, indicate who is responsible for completing the milestone:

    milestone responsible.png
  5. Add any further details, as desired (also optional). If you'd like an email reminder before this milestone is due, click the check box. Then click OK to save the milestone.
    Note: Email reminders for upcoming milestones are only sent to the account owner.

    Milestone notes.png
Note: Any optional details you add in this overlay are not displayed in the milestone schedule, but they will be included in the milestones table in your plan document.

Editing a milestone

If a milestone date changes, or you need to revise the other details of the milestone (i.e., who is responsible), you can easily go back in and edit the information.

To edit a milestone:

  1. Click the Schedule section. A table of milestones you've entered will be displayed in this section. Click the edit button next to the milestone you'd like to update:

    edit a milestone.png
  2. Update any fields you like, and click OK to save the changes:
    Update milestone.png

Deleting a milestone

You can delete a milestone if you want to permanently remove it from your schedule in LivePlan.

To permanently delete a milestone:

  1. Click the Schedule section. A table of milestones you've already entered will appear. Click the Delete link next to the one you'd like to remove:
    Delete milestone.png
  2. In the overlay that appears, click Confirm:
    confirm delete milestone.png
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