Forecasting unit sales revenue streams

If you want to enter the number of units you expect to sell and the price for each, choose the Unit sales revenue stream model, and LivePlan will automatically calculate the totals.

Remember that how you define a 'unit' depends on what you sell. If you offer widgets, just enter the quantity of those widgets (shirts or computers or whatever) you think you'll sell. For other offerings, you might want to use 'units' to mean consulting engagements, fixed-price contracts, or pallets of low-value materials. Do what makes sense for your business.

Adding a unit sales revenue stream

  1. In the Forecast section, click the Add Revenue Stream button:
    Arrow Pointing to Add Revenue.png
  2. Enter a name for your unit sales revenue stream, then click Type:
  3. Under What type of revenue stream is this select Unit sales:
  4. Enter the number of units of this product you think you'll sell. This can be either a constant amount per month or year or varying amounts.

    If you chose Constant amount, enter the number of units you forecast for each month or year and when those sales will start:


    If you chose Varying amounts over time, enter the number of units you forecast to sell in any month you prefer. Then click Unit Prices:

  5. Enter the amount you will charge for each unit of this product or service. You can enter a constant price or varying prices over time:
  6. Click Create & Exit.


Editing or deleting a unit sales revenue stream

To edit an existing revenue stream:

  1. In the Revenue table, click on the name of the revenue stream you'd like to edit:
  2. The edit overlay will appear. You can click on any of the steps across the top that you wish to edit:
  3. Make your desired changes, and click Save & Exit. For more details, see How do I edit or delete forecast entries?

To delete a revenue stream:

  1. To delete a revenue stream, hover over the entry and click the three dots that appear in the forecast item row:
    forecast item showing three dot menu highlighted.png
  2. Select Delete from the menu: 
    delete forecast item menu delete highlighted.png
  3. Click Delete to delete the revenue stream permanently:
    confirm delete forecast item.png


Where does this entry appear in the financial statements?

Your revenue streams will be used to calculate the highlighted lines in the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow table shown below:

Profit & Loss


Balance Sheet


Cash Flow:


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