Forecasting revenue-only streams

The revenue-only stream is suitable for any situation, including revenue you have forecast in detail elsewhere or that doesn't fit the other revenue stream options here. For example, suppose you have already prepared a detailed revenue forecast in an Excel spreadsheet. In that case, you can enter just the revenue totals into LivePlan so that those details appear in your business plan.

Adding a revenue-only stream to your forecast

  1. In the Forecast section, select Revenue:
    forecast section detail with forecast and revenue highlighted.png

  2. Click Add Revenue Stream:
    add revenue stream button highlighted.png

  3. Enter a name for this revenue stream:

  4. For the type, select Revenue only:

  5. Click Next:
    next button detail.png

  6. Select how you want to enter the revenue. This can either be a constant amount each month or varying amounts over time:
    Note: If you have numbers from a spreadsheet, select the Varying amounts over time option, and then you can easily copy and paste from your spreadsheet.
    • Constant amount: Indicate the amount of revenue, whether you receive it monthly or annually, and when the revenue stream will start:
    • Varying amounts over time: Plot the revenue stream by month:
      revenue stream varying amounts over time entry example.png
  7. Click Create & Exit:
    create and exit.png

Editing or deleting a revenue stream

To edit an existing revenue stream:

Click on its name in the Revenue table:


The edit overlay will appear. You can click on any of the steps across the top that you wish to edit. Make your desired changes, and click Save & Exit. For more details, see How do I edit or delete forecast entries?


Note: The step names will vary depending on the type of revenue stream that you are editing.

To delete a revenue stream:

Three dots will appear when the cursor is moved over a revenue stream. Click on the dots, then select Delete:


Click Delete to confirm:
confirm delete forecast item.png

Where does this entry appear in the financial statements?

Your revenue streams will be used to calculate the highlighted lines in the Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow table shown below:






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