Using the full screen option in the forecast Follow

When you view the detailed tables in each section of the Forecast tab, you may want to expand your LivePlan view so it uses your entire monitor, so you can see more content on screen at once. We've added a full screen feature to allow you to do that.

To enter the full screen view, click the Full Screen button in the lower right-hand corner, below any of the forecast tables:


The table will now fill your screen. To close the full screen view, click the X in the upper right-hand corner:


While you're in full screen mode, you can navigate through full screen views of the various tables using the Back and Next buttons:

If you navigate in full screen mode and then close it, you'll be taken to the forecast section that you were last viewing. 

The buttons to add, manage, set, or change items in the forecast sections still function in the full screen view:

For example, if you click Add Direct Cost in full screen view, the overlay will simply open over the top of the view (as it does in the normal forecast view).

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