Using a point-and-click chart in LivePlan

It can be a bit time-consuming to enter individual numbers into the Varying amounts over time fields in the LivePlan forecast. This is especially true when your plan is very detailed. To make entering and visualizing your numbers easier, we've added a point-and-click chart that lets you add and adjust your data by clicking and dragging. Of course, you still also have the option to enter numbers into the grid manually.

Note: You can use this chart functionality with most types of forecast entries.

In addition to making it easier to enter your data, this chart is also interactive. For example, if you are the owner of a mature business, you are likely to be well acquainted with the seasonality curve for your industry. The chart shows you that curve visually and allows you to make adjustments by quickly nudging the numbers.


Using the point-and-click chart

Point-and-click charts are available in the LivePlan forecast wherever the Varying amounts over time option exists. As illustrated below, you can click a point on the chart to enter a single number or drag a point to draw a line that sets several numbers:


When you set a point on the chart or drag a point to create a line, the corresponding fields in the grid update with numbers automatically. If you drag a point out of range or hold a dragged point out of range for a reasonable amount of time, the vertical axis range will automatically change to accommodate the value of that point. 

Of course, you can always enter numbers directly into fields in the grid. When you do this, the chart will update to match. Any zeroes or invalid entries will create gaps in the chart's line.


Using the point-and-click chart with multiple years of monthly data

The example above shows a plan with one year of monthly detail and two annual years. However, you can have up to three years of monthly detail in a plan. In that case, you can use the interactive chart for each of these years.

Initially, the chart will show the numbers for Year 1. If you place your cursor in a different year, the chart will refresh and display the data for the year you chose. 


Applying an overall percentage of growth to the forecast

In the Varying amounts input mode, you can also apply a flat percentage of growth to each month of the current forecast year by entering a number in the Adjust field and clicking Apply:


As shown above, the chart will automatically change, along with the numbers entered below, as the percentage you've entered is applied to all months in the current year.


Using the touch interactions on the iPad

The interactive chart component is fully functional on an iPad. It behaves the same way as on a desktop, with the following exceptions:

  • You can touch a spot on the chart to place or move a point.

  • You can slide your finger across the chart to draw your seasonality curve.

  • You can touch and hold a point, then drag it to a new location, including out of the chart area to change the scale. As you drag a point, the corresponding field updates constantly to show the new value.
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