Customizing your views of forecast tables

Throughout the forecast, the information you've entered is summarized in tables. This article describes some helpful features that these tables have in common.

Expanding and collapsing table rows

If a table row has items under it, an expand/collapse arrow will appear next to it. Just click the arrow to see the related entries underneath:


Reordering items in a table

After you've added items to the forecast — revenue streams, direct costs, expenses, etc. — you can change the order in which they appear in the table. To move a row, just click on the drag control to the left of its name and drag it to the new position:


The new position will be indicated by a horizontal line between the rows, and the name of the item you're moving will be shown in a tooltip.

Note that you can only move an item within its assigned group of rows. For example, a revenue stream on the Profit & Loss statement can be moved within the set of revenue streams, but not into the set of direct costs.

Showing monthly detail

The Monthly Detail toggle allows you to choose whether you see annual columns or monthly columns in your forecast tables. This toggle is disabled by default, but you can enable it by clicking the switch. Whatever setting you choose will be applied across all of your forecast tables, and that setting will be saved for you until you change it again.

For example, the revenue table shows only annual columns when Monthly Detail is OFF


With Monthly Detail set to ON, the table shows monthly columns: 


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