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The content in your LivePlan Pitch works great as a slide deck to accompany a live presentation. Punch up your talk with great-looking slides of your pitch content to impress potential investors or make a splash at a pitching event.

Exporting your Pitch to PowerPoint produces a .pptx file, which you can open in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, or other presentation software or upload to your favorite slide-sharing service.

Note: When you download your Pitch as a presentation, that will only generate slides for the sections of the Pitch that you have started.
  1. From the Pitch page, click Present:
    from the pitch page select the present tab.png
  2. Click Export to PowerPoint:
    select export to powerpoint.png
    A progress overlay will appear:
  3. When the file is ready, click Save File:
    your powerpoint file is ready - select save file .png
  4. Follow the instructions below for the browser you are using.


For Chrome users:

The downloaded file will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the browser window. Click on the menu, and choose Open:

Note: If you cannot locate the file, use Shift+Cmd+J (on a Mac) or Ctrl+J (on a PC) to open the Downloads list in the browser.


For Firefox users:

If you are using Firefox, the browser will give you the option to open the file in your presentation software or save it to your hard drive. Select the desired option:

Note: If you cannot locate the downloaded file, press Ctrl+J (on a PC) or Cmd+J (on a Mac) to open the Download Manager window. Your file should be listed there.

For Safari users:

The PPTX file of the Pitch will be placed in the Downloads folder on your dock. The file may also open automatically, depending on your settings:

Note: If you cannot locate the file, click the Downloads button in the browser to see a list of recent downloads. The PPTX file of your Pitch should be in the list:

For Microsoft Edge users:

The downloaded file will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the browser window. Click Open File to open.

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