Opening your own LivePlan account when you're a guest or contributor

LivePlan can associate an email address with only one account at a time. So what happens if a colleague has already issued you a contributor or guest pass to his or her company, but then you want to use the same email address to create your own LivePlan account? 

Converting your contributor or guest access to a full account

  1. Click the following link to sign into LivePlan using the email address and password that you use to log in as a contributor or guest:

  2. On the Launchpad, click Create a New Account:
    Note: if you already have a canceled or suspended LivePlan account, you will see it listed on this page instead. In that case, click Reactivate.
  3. You'll see the current pricing at the top of the overlay. Choose the Credit Card or PayPal tab, and fill in your payment information:
  4. Click Create My Account:

When you have created your new account, you will be able to switch between your own account and any companies you have contributor or guest access for. You'll also have all the features of a standard LivePlan account.

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