Undoing text changes

LivePlan allows you to easily undo and redo edits and formatting changes made while editing a plan topic.

Undo and redo buttons

The undo and redo buttons are located at the bottom of the editor window:
text editing options highlighted in plan topic.png

text editor toolbar undo button highlighted.png

To undo the last change, action, or series of actions in LivePlan, simply click the undo button. This will revert the content back one step, removing or undoing whatever you most recently typed, formatted, or edited. You can click undo multiple times to undo multiple edits or formats. 

text editor toolbar redo button highlighted.png

If you undo too far, clicking the redo button will re-apply the next action in your revision history. Clicking redo multiple times will continue advancing the content forward through your edits and changes.


Keyboard shortcuts

In addition to the undo and redo buttons built into the text editor, common keyboard shortcuts will also work in LivePlan. To undo the last change you made to a text topic, use the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Z (on a PC)
  • Cmd+Z (on a Mac)

Similarly, to redo an edit, use the following shortcuts:

  • Shift+Ctrl+Z (on a PC)
  • Shift+Cmd+Z (on a Mac)

Undo and redo will only apply to the current editing session. Once the editor window is closed (by either clicking I'm Done or clicking outside of the editor window), the undo and redo history is cleared. Editing the same topic again will begin a new edit history.

If you want to save a backup version of your company content, we recommend making and archiving a copy of the company. This also protects your content if, for example, a contributor makes extensive changes and you wish to return to your original content.


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