Creating a plan for a nonprofit organization Follow

LivePlan is a valuable tool for strategic planning, financial forecasting, and ongoing performance tracking for nonprofits. Good planning can affect your organization’s success in accomplishing its mission.


Try our nonprofit plan outline

We are currently beta-testing a plan outline designed specifically for nonprofits. This template re-characterizes many sections of the standard plan outline to better serve the needs of the nonprofit environment. It also includes customized instructions.

If you are interested in participating in this beta test, please contact us, and we will install this free outline in your LivePlan account. Once you've used it to develop your plan, we look forward to hearing your feedback.


Doing your own customizations

If you'd prefer to customize your plan outline to your needs manually, you can always do that instead. You can re-name existing topics, add new ones, or remove them from the outline. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on specific changes.


More resources for nonprofits

  • Remember, you can also access a number of sample business plans for nonprofits in the LivePlan sample plan library. These are great sources of inspiration.
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