Changing the organization of your plan outline

LivePlan's business plan outline is fully customizable. By adding, removing, renaming and rearranging chapters and sections, you can build a plan that reflects your unique business and market. You might find it helpful to read What's included in the default outline to get an overview.

This short video shows you the customization options available:


How the plan outline is organized

When you click on the Plan section, the current plan outline is displayed in the left-hand column. You can click on any chapter title to see the sections included in it:


Just like any detailed report, a business plan has chapters (first level), sections (second level), and topics. The topics are the areas where you'll enter your text; chapters and sections are there for organization. This view makes it easy to navigate to any part of the plan so you can edit it. For more on editing sections, read Writing and editing plan content.


To see an editable view of your outline, click on the Outline section of the Plan section:


In this view, you will see the same outline with the Chapters, Sections, and Topics in place:



For more details on how you can edit the plan outline, see these articles:

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