Pasting numbers from a spreadsheet into the forecast

If you have some forecast numbers in a spreadsheet and want a quick way to transfer them into your LivePlan forecast, you may like this copy-and-paste method. You can copy a selected group of cells from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers and paste them into a row of table cells in the LivePlan forecast. 

This copy-and-paste functionality is used with the Varying Amounts over time entry mode, which is available in any forecast entry. The example below is from a unit sales revenue stream. In this entry, we're putting in the number of units sold for each month/year of the forecast:

unit sales varying amounts over time chart.png

If you have those monthly numbers formatted in a spreadsheet, then you can copy multiple cells from Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers and paste them into this revenue entry. The numbers will be pasted into LivePlan, starting with the first cell you have selected in the LivePlan table.

The first row of numbers you copy from the spreadsheet will be pasted into the row you selected, the second into the next row, and so on. LivePlan will filter out any currency symbols in the process but will keep negative signs or decimals.

Note: You can add up to five years of monthly detail entries to your forecast if you need more.

Some important notes:

  • If you copy more cells from your spreadsheet than there are cells available in the LivePlan table, the extra numbers will not appear.
  • If you copy fewer cells from your spreadsheet than there are available in the LivePlan table, any fields that come after the last number will remain empty. 
  • You can't paste numbers into grey LivePlan fields—these are not editable. (For example, the cell containing the total amount for your first fiscal year is calculated by LivePlan. You can't paste data into this cell.)
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