Hiding sections of the pitch

Hiding Pitch sections is a great way to customize your Pitch content for various audiences. For example, you may want to hide the Team and key roles section if you are a sole entrepreneur without employees. 

When you hide a section, LivePlan will remember any content you have entered into that section. If you decide to show the section again later, your content will still be there.


You can hide the following sections of the pitch:

  • Funding needs
  • Sales channels/Marketing activities
    Note: These two are always shown/hidden together because they are on the same horizontal stripe of the Pitch.
  • Milestones
  • Team and key roles
  • Partners and resources


To hide a section of the Pitch:

In the LivePlan Pitch editor, navigate to the section you'd like to hide and click the Hide this section of the pitch checkbox:

Hide this section of the pitch.png

Note: Hidden sections are not shown on the Web page version of your pitch and are not included if you export your pitch to a slide deck or PDF.
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