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If you are a contributor or guest on someone else's LivePlan account, and you don't plan to participate in that account anymore, you can remove yourself from it. Alternatively, you can , and we'll be glad to do it for you.


To remove yourself from an account:

  1. After you log into your LivePlan account at, click Remove me from an account:
  2. In the overlay that appears, click on the pull-down menu below Select an account. From the list, choose the account that you want to remove yourself from, and then click Confirm:

Note: If you are a guest or contributor on a single LivePlan account you won't see the account page upon login and will be taken directly to the account that you have access to. If you wish to remove yourself from that account, click on this link to view the account page:

When you return to the account screen, that account will no longer be listed. The owner of the account will not be notified that you have removed yourself from it.

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