Canceling a pending invitation

Invitations expire 30 days after they are sent. If you have sent a LivePlan invitation, and the guest or contributor has not yet accepted it, you can cancel it. This may be particularly important with contributors because even a pending invitation takes up a "slot" toward your account's contributor limit. If a contributor doesn't accept the invitation in a timely manner, canceling it allows you to invite someone else.

To cancel a pending invitation:

  1. In the left menu bar, click Invite Users:
    Arrow pointed to invite users.png
  2. All users you've invited will be listed under Users near the bottom of the page. Next to the user whose invitation is pending, click Cancel invitation:
  3. Click Confirm.
  4. To exit the account management page, click on the back arrow at the upper-left corner of your window.
    manage account menu with back arrow highlighted.png


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