Changing image sizes or alignment

Even after you’ve inserted an image in LivePlan, it is easy to go back and adjust its size or alignment.

Changing the size and alignment of an image

  1. In the Plan section, select View & Edit:
    plan section view and edit highlighted.png

  2. Navigate to the text topic where the image was placed. Click Edit to open the text editor:
    plan section view an edit page with topic edit highlighted.png

  3. Click on the image to select it. When selected, image sizing and alignment options will appear in the toolbar along the bottom of the LivePlan window:
    topic editor with image sizing options selected.png

  4. Select left, center, or right for the image alignment and small, medium, or large for the image size:
    image size and alignment toolbar with sections highlighted.png

    Note: The size choices available (Small, Medium, or Large) will depend on the size of the image file you've originally uploaded. If you want finer control over image sizing, you may wish to export your finished plan to Word and adjust the images there.

  5. Click Close in the top-right of your LivePlan window to save the changes and return to the Plan view:
    Arrow pointing to Close in plan topic editor.png

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