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Adding a standard chart

You can add any of LivePlan's pre-built charts to any section of your plan. Some of these are already included in the Financial Plan section of your default plan outline, but you can move them anywhere in the plan you want.

To add a standard chart:

  1. In the Plan tab, click the Outline link:
  2. At the top of the sidebar, select Charts:
  3. In the left sidebar, click on the chart you want to add to your outline and drag it to the new location. Drop it there:
  4. Your changes will save automatically.


Adding a custom chart as an image

LivePlan does not support the creation of custom charts. You can only add the pre-built charts that are already available in the Outline page. If the ability to define your own charts would be valuable to you, please contact us

Although you can't build custom charts within LivePlan, it is still possible to include custom charts in your plan. To do this, simply create the chart in Excel or another chart-creation tool, and then either save the chart as an image or take a screenshot of it. Finally, use the Add an image option in the text editor to insert the chart into the text:


For more on adding the image to your plan, read Adding and removing images


Editing a chart

You can change a chart’s title, but you can’t directly edit the data in a LivePlan chart. To change the data, you have to go back to the area of the forecast that the numbers were drawn from. For example, to change the data in the Revenue by Month chart, you need to click the Forecast tab and edit the Revenue section of the forecast.


Removing a chart for later use

If you remove a chart item from your plan, it is stored in the Available Content area. You can always add it back to your plan again later.

To remove a chart:

  1. In the Plan tab, at the bottom of the left sidebar, click Edit Outline:
  2. Click on the chart title you want to remove, and drag it to the left sidebar. LivePlan will automatically place it back in the Charts list: 
  3. Your changes will save automatically.
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