Writing and editing text topics

The Plan tab in LivePlan contains all the text sections of your business plan. These are arranged into a default plan outline, which you can easily customize to suit your needs

When you write or edit any text topic, you'll see a toolbar with common formatting options, including bold, italic, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and block quotes:


Note: You can also add images to your plan from this toolbar. 

Writing a text topic

  1. To begin writing a text section, click on the Plan tab. This will place you on the View & Edit page. 

  2. navigate_plan_outline.gif
  3. The main area of the page then displays the topics within that section. Click Start writing now to begin working on a topic:
  4. In the text editor, for each section, you'll see a sidebar that contains three sections: the general instructions for writing the section and two examples. To learn more about the examples, read Using the Instructions and Examples.
  5. To enter your text into the section, type into the editor box. Add formatting, images, or hyperlinks with the formatting toolbar as needed:
  6. To add a paragraph break hover your mouse to the lower right of your most recent paragraph:Plan
  7. Click I'm Done to save changes:



Editing a text topic

You can edit the text topics you've created in your plan at any time. 

  1. To begin, navigate to the outline section you want to update. Then click the Edit button to access the text editor again:
  2. Edit the text in the text editor. You can add or remove text or make a formatting change as shown here:
  3. Click I'm Done to save the changes. This will overwrite any previous versions. 


More on writing and editing

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