How long will Outpost take to import my email history? Follow

When you create a mailbox in Outpost using a Gmail or Office 365 email address, the email history will import into Outpost so you can work with it there.

Note: If you have set up an email account to forward to Outpost, the history will not be imported.


The length of time Outpost needs to import email history will depend on three main factors:

  • The number of months (or years) of history contained in your source email account
  • How much email you decide to import into Outpost (You can select all email, only the past 30 days, or none when setting up a mailbox)
  • The number of email accounts you're importing to Outpost at one time

If your email history is extensive, it may take a few days to import it fully. Your most recent messages should appear right away, and then your older messages will continue to import as you're using Outpost.

Note: If a few minutes have passed and you're not seeing any messages importing at all, please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

You can use Outpost normally, or even log out or turn off your computer at any time during the initial email import. The import process is not dependent on an internet connection.

Note: If your email inbox contains a large number of emails, you may want to clean it up before connecting it to Outpost. That way, you'll start your Outpost account with an organized inbox.


If you search for an email in Outpost while the import is in progress, please keep in mind that Outpost can only include emails it has already imported in the results. Until the import is complete, your search results may be incomplete.

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