How do I start my plan over?

You may reach a point, working on your Pitch, plan, or forecast, where you want to delete everything you've entered and start fresh. No problem - LivePlan offers a two ways to do this.


Creating a new company

In LivePlan, a company is basically a container. It holds a Pitch, a plan, a forecast, and, for LivePlan Premium users, a Dashboard. You can create as many companies in your account as you need. So if you need a new Pitch or plan, you can always create a new company in your account.

You can delete your original company if you like, but you may instead want to archive it, so you can access it later if needed.


Starting another forecast

If you're a LivePlan Premium user and are happy with the written part of your plan but want to start the forecast over, that's as easy as adding another forecast to the plan. LivePlan allows multiple forecasts for each company.


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