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Templates save you time by automating blocks of text that you use often in your emails. Any Administrator or User (as well as the account Owner) can create, edit, or delete templates.

You can create a template that applies to all of your mailboxes, or to a single mailbox. If you create a template for any mailboxes, then users can view and use it in any mailboxes assigned to them. If you create a template for a specific mailbox, then only the users assigned to that mailbox can view or use it.


Interested in some creative ways to use digests? See Tips for using Templates


  1. To access the Templates page, click the icon in the sidebar:
  2. On the Templates page, click the New Template link:
  3. Give the template a descriptive title. Then, choose which mailbox this template should operate in. If you'd like the template to be available to any mailboxes in your account, choose Any Mailbox:
  4. Enter your template text, and click Save & Close:

    Note: the template editor has a formatting toolbar, as shown above, where you can choose fonts and add other formatting to your template.


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