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Templates save you time by automating blocks of text that you use often in emails. Any user in your account can create, edit, or delete templates.

You can create a template that applies to all of your mailboxes, or to a single mailbox. If you create a template for all mailboxes, users can view and use it in any mailboxes assigned to them. If you create a template for a specific mailbox, then only the users assigned to that mailbox can view or use it.

Templates can include attachments, such as images or other files. Images that are hosted online can also be added to the template text.

Interested in some creative ways to use templates? See Tips for using Templates.


  1. To access the Templates page, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the window:
  2. In the sidebar of the Settings menu, click Templates:
  3. On the Templates page, click the [+] sign to add a new template:
  4. Give the template a descriptive title. Then, choose which mailbox this template should operate in. If you'd like it to be available for all mailboxes, choose Any mailbox:
  5. Enter your template text. If you're interested in adding some custom fields, please see this page. Click Save & Close to save the new template:template.png

    Note: The templates editor has a formatting toolbar, as shown above, where you can choose fonts and add other formatting to your template.

  6. If you would like to attach a file to your template click on the paper clip icon and select a file to attach from your computer.
  7. Click Save & Close to save the new template:
Note: Outpost attachments are limited to 25 MB total. This includes any images dropped into the message and attached files.

For details on using your new template, see Applying templates to messages.


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