The LivePlan Method: Plan Phase

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Time Required: 1.5 hours

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Note: This page is for Strategic Advisors.

In this project phase, you'll have a one-hour meeting with your client to complete a Lean Business Plan using the Pitch tab in LivePlan. You already filled out a few sections in preparation for the Kickoff meeting. Now, you'll be able to dig a bit deeper with your client to flesh out the rest. You'll need a general understanding of this Pitch information to build a competent forecast.

Note: Keep the details captured in the Pitch brief and to the point. The character limits in the Pitch form help keep you from going into too much detail. You'll also skip two sections, which are detailed below.

You can use our Strategic Advisor Plan Guide to conduct your Plan meeting. Simply fill out our Resource Guides request form to download three guides, one for each of the three meetings in the LivePlan Method.

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Step 2.01: Problem and Unique Solution

In this step, your client explains what problem their business is solving in the market and how. If the client is having difficulty articulating these points, our Resource Guide above offers some questions you can ask in your meeting to help you elicit deeper information.

pitch problem and solution detail.png

Basic instructions for this step: Pitch: Problem and Unique Solution

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Step 2.02: Target Market

This step is about explaining who the business serves and the approximate size of the potential market.

filling out pitch target market.png

Basic instructions for this step: Pitch: Target Market

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Note: For this process, skip the Pitch form's Competitors and Funding Needed sections.

Step 2.03: Sales and Marketing Activities

This step is twofold: you'll list the methods the business uses to sell its products and services and the marketing activities that will promote them. This step can include both current and future plans.

pitch sales and marketing activities detail.png

Basic instructions for this step: Pitch: Sales and Marketing Activities

Step 2.04 Team, Partners, and Resources

Here, you'll list the people, relationships, and resources the business needs to run effectively. 

team and key roles pitch detail.png

Basic instructions for this step: Pitch: Team and Resources

Step 2.05 Milestones

In this step, you'll help your client establish important scheduled tasks with specific deadlines. Your client may already have some contractual obligations in place that can also be recorded among the Milestones.

milestone detail.png

Basic instructions for this step: Pitch: Milestones

Step 2.06 Publishing the Pitch

Once the Pitch is complete, you can either re-publish it as an updated web page for your client to access or download it as a PDF. 

It's up to you whether you issue guest access to LivePlan to your client. If you prefer not to, you can share the downloaded PDF with them.

Basic instructions for this step:

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