Adding annual-detail financial statements to your plan Follow

By default, LivePlan contains a set of financial statements with annual totals: a Profit and Loss, a Balance Sheet, and a Cash Flow. The statements are generated automatically from the data you enter into the Forecast tab.

You'll find these statements via the Plan tab, in the Financial Plan chapter of your business plan: 

  1. Click on the Plan tab. This will place you on the View & Edit page:
  2. In the sidebar, click on Financial Plan to expand that chapter:
  3. You can now see your annual-total statements in the Statements section of this chapter. They are visible in the right-hand section of the page:


If you require a download that includes only these annual-detail statements, you can always use the Chapters tool to create this download. For more details, see Choosing which chapters to include in the downloaded plan.
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