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In some cases, you may have an existing business plan document in another program, and you want to copy and paste this material into LivePlan. Or, you may be more comfortable doing your writing in an outside word-processing program and then pasting it into LivePlan later on.

These methods work fine. This article offers a couple helpful tips.

If you're interested in moving images from an outside document into LivePlan, please see Adding and removing images.


Working topic by topic

The LivePlan outline is arranged into Chapters, Sections, and Topics. You can paste text into the Topics (chapters and sections are for organization). Each topic has a separate editing field in LivePlan, so you'll want to paste your text in one topic at a time. To open any topic so you can paste in your text, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Plan tab, and then click the View & Edit link:
  2. In the left sidebar, click on the chapter where you'd like to place the text. The chapter will expand, so you can see the available topics in the right-hand section of the page.
  3. Click on the Edit button to the right of the topic title you prefer. This will open the editing field for this topic:

  4. Paste your text into the editing field:

    Note: Some programs will embed formatting into the text you've copied, and this may create display issues. See below for more on pasting without this formatting.

  5. Click I'm Done to save the pasted text:


Pasting without embedded formatting

Some outside programs, such as Word, may embed formatting into text. When you copy and paste that text, this formatting code is copied and pasted as well. As a result, you may see your plan content displaying one way on screen and differently in print.

The best way to avoid this is to do a "special paste," which will strip out that embedded formatting: 

  1. Copy your text from the outside program.
  2. Locate and click the Edit button for the topic you'd like to paste the text into:
  3. We recommend doing the "special paste" with a key command. On your keyboard, hold down the Command/Control and Shift keys, and then type a "v" to paste.
  4. Once the text is pasted, you can use LivePlan's formatting toolbar to add in your preferred formatting:
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