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Your Outpost account includes eight Folder views, as shown in the sidebar:


The content you see in these folders is controlled by the mailbox you've selected. Use the Mailbox pull-down menu at the top of the sidebar to select a specific mailbox to view, or All mailboxes:


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Folders available in your Outpost account

Inbox folder


This folder displays all conversations that are currently in progress in the selected mailbox (or all mailboxes). You'll see a number indicating the number of unread messages currently in the Inbox. For more details on the parts of a conversation, see Viewing a conversation.


Drafts folder


In this folder, you can access all unsent messages in progress. (You can also access these from within individual conversations - this folder just gives you an easy place to look for them.) You'll see a number indicating the number of Drafts in the selected mailbox. For more details, see Creating, editing, and sharing drafts.


Starred folder


Here, you can easily find all conversations you've marked with a star. Starring is a way to flag certain conversations you want to follow up on later. For more details, see Starring a conversation.


Sent folder


This folder allows you to easily see the most recent sent reply to the conversations in the selected mailbox. (You can also see sent replies within conversations in other folders - this folder just offers an easy place to locate them quickly.) For more details, see Viewing sent replies.


Archived folder


In this folder, you'll find all conversations from the selected mailbox that you've marked as Archived, or completed. For more details, see Archiving a conversation.


All Folders


This view combines conversations from all folders for the assigned mailbox (except the Spam and Trash folders). This folder can come in handy when you're searching for specific conversations and don't recall which folder they're in.


Spam folder


Here, you'll find the conversations you've marked as Spam from the selected mailbox. For more details, see Marking a conversation as spam.


Trash folder


This folder acts as a temporary stop for any conversations you've trashed from your folders. The Trash folder holds any deleted conversations from the selected mailbox for 30 days. After that, they are permanently deleted. For more details, see Deleting a conversation.

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