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LivePlan compiles the written and financial data you enter into a professional document, using the overall structure you've set up. This article covers your available options for customizing the formatting of your plan document.


Formatting in the Document options

The Document options section of LivePlan lets you make a number of formatting changes, including:

  • Adding or removing page breaks after each chapter
  • Changing the line spacing
  • Customizing the page headers and footers
  • Adding or removing a Table of Contents

To make these changes, see Changing document options.


Making outline customizations

In the Outline page of LivePlan, you can add, remove, and re-arrange the chapters, sections, and topics in your plan, so it represents your unique business. To learn how, see Customizing your plan outline.


Applying a theme for PDF download

If you need a quick, ready-made theme, you can select one of our ten visual themes when you download your plan as a PDF. If fonts are important to you, here's a list of the fonts used in each of our themes.

Note: Our PDF themes are not licensed for use in Microsoft Word, so they can't be applied to a Word export of your plan. For theming options in Word, please see below.


Making deeper customizations in Word

We recommend exporting your plan as a Word document if you'd like to:

  • Customize the font types and sizes in the document
  • Re-size images beyond the Small, Medium, and Large options
  • Customize the arrangement of images and text
  • Re-style the financial tables

Although our PDF themes aren't licensed for use in Word, there are a number of theming options embedded in Word that will allow you to add further styling to your plan.


If you have any questions about formatting options, please feel free to contact us.

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