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You can update your personal account Preferences at any time. Only you can update your own Preferences - they can't be changed by any other user or Administrator.

Preferences are separate from mailbox settings. Preferences relate only to your user account, and will affect messages you send from any mailbox assigned to you. Mailbox settings, on the other hand, apply a specific mailbox and any messages any user sends from that mailbox. For more details, see Editing a mailbox.


  1. In the upper right corner of the window, click the Settings icon:
  2. On the Settings page, click Preferences:
  3. On the Preferences page are several settings. First, you can update your account name and the email address used for password recovery and notifications:

    Note: Your account username cannot be changed.

  4. Click the Change password link to update your account password:
  5. Use the pull-down menu to change the default mailbox for your account:

    Note: This menu will only show mailboxes currently assigned to you. For more details, see Changing the users who have access to a mailbox.

  6. Click the Change your gravatar link to update the profile image associated with your account (Optional):

    Note: Gravatar is a third-party tool that applies a single user profile across all Gravatar-enabled websites. This link will take you outside of Outpost to update your profile image. Changes made in Gravatar may take a short time to update in Outpost.

  7. In the Signature section, enter your personal email signature. Your personal signature will appear in messages above the default mailbox signature. For more details, see Adding or editing default signatures:
  8. Click Save Changes:
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