How can I find the in-app videos again? Follow

LivePlan contains a number of videos to help you get started using its features. Once you've watched a video, you can always find it again for a second viewing.


Locating the Getting Started videos



LivePlan is divided into tabs: Pitch, Plan, Forecast, Benchmarks, Schedule, and Dashboard. Each of these has an introductory video to explain how the tab works.

You can re-view any of these videos at any time. To access them, first click the Support menu, located near the top-right corner of your LivePlan window:


Next, click on the Resources panel and click Getting Started Videos to view all of the videos:


Locating the Forecast instructional videos

Each section of the Forecast tab has its own video instructions. These videos will help you enter your data into the forecast. You can access these videos at any time by clicking on the Watch Videos button in the upper-right corner of each section: 


To minimize the video again, click the Close button in the lower right corner of the video overlay:







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