How do I change the theme of my downloaded plan?

If you download your plan, LivePlan offers a choice of 10 pre-set themes, from simple to bold—to apply to the document. These themes are a quick way to style your plan.

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Applying a theme to a plan

  1. In the Plan section, click Download & Print: 
    download and print in the plan section.png
  2. Locate the Document Themes section of the page. You'll see the default theme, Springfield, displayed there. To switch to a different theme, click the Change button:
  3. Scroll to the right to see the additional themes available. You can select the theme you prefer by clicking on it. The display below the menu will change, showing you a sample of the cover page and one internal page. Click Save & Close:


  4. Choose Download as PDF or Export Word Doc:
Note: These themes aren't editable, but if you export your plan as a Word document, you can change fonts, spacing, and image sizing in Word.

Which fonts are used in the document themes?

If you're downloading a Word document from LivePlan and applying one of our themes to it, you may need to download and install the fonts onto your computer. Click any link below to download the corresponding font from Google Fonts.

Note: If you'd prefer to install all our theme fonts onto your computer simultaneously, you can download this Zip file instead.

If you'd like to customize the font sizes and types in detail, we recommend downloading your plan as a Word document. You can open this file in Word, Google Docs, Pages, or other compatible page-layout applications and change the fonts as much as you like.

You can also apply your theme in Word using Word's theming tools, allowing you to add further styling to your plan. Just leave the default "Springfield" theme applied to your document when you export it. The Springfield theme won't apply any design elements, so you'll have a blank canvas to open in Word and customize.

Note: All text content is assigned to the appropriate style sheet (Heading 1, Heading 2, Body Text, etc.) so that you can quickly restyle the entire document by editing the style sheet definitions.

Springfield (default)

Springfield document theme.png

Trebuchet should be a default font on any computer and won't need downloading.


dallas document theme.png

  • Open Sans Regular
  • Open Sans Bold
  • Open Sans Extra-Bold

Download the Open Sans font family for all three options.

San Diego

San Diego.png


pittsburgh document theme.png


Orlando document theme.png


Montreal document theme.png

Download the Open Sans font family for both of these options.


manhattan document theme.png

Malibu document theme.png

Kansas City

Kansas City document theme.png

  • Merriweather Regular
  • Merriweather Light

Download the Merriweather font family for both options.


manhattan document theme.png

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