How do I change the theme of my downloaded plan?

When you download your plan, LivePlan offers a choice of 10 visual themes you can apply to the document - from simple to bold. These themes are a quick way to apply some styling to your plan.

Note: You can view the themes offered in LivePlan and the fonts used in this article.


  1. In the Plan section, click Download & Print: 
    download and print in the plan section.png
  2. Locate the Document Themes section of the page. You'll see the default theme, Springfield, displayed there. To switch to a different theme, click the Change button:
  3. Scroll to the right to see the additional themes available. You can select the theme you prefer by clicking on it. The display below the menu will change, showing you a sample of the cover page and one internal page. Click Save & Close:


  4. Choose Download as PDF or Export Word Doc:
Note: These themes aren't editable, but if you export your plan as a Word document, you can change fonts, spacing, and image sizing in Word.


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