Can I change the font style or size in my pitch or plan?

Within LivePlan, your Pitch and Plan will operate with a specific set of fonts. But you can always download either document and make changes to the font set or styling. Here are some options:


Changing fonts in the downloaded Pitch

You can download your Pitch as a PowerPoint presentation any time. When you open this file in PowerPoint, you can make any changes you like to the font display and add extra graphics, slides, or details.

Note: PowerPoint also allows you to save the updated presentation as a PDF.

Changing fonts in the downloaded Plan

If you download your plan, LivePlan offers a choice of 10 pre-set themes, each containing its own font set. You may find an option you like within those themes. (You can see a list of the fonts included in each one in this article.)

If you'd like to do detailed customizations to the font sizes and types, we recommend downloading your plan as a Word document. You can open this file in Word, Google Docs, Pages, or other compatible page-layout applications and change the fonts as much as you like.

You can also apply your theme in Word using Word's theming tools, allowing you to add further styling to your plan. Just leave the default "Springfield" theme applied to your document when you export it. The Springfield theme won't apply any design elements, so you'll have a blank canvas to open in Word and customize.

Note: All text content is assigned to the appropriate style sheet (Heading 1, Heading 2, Body Text, etc.) so that you can quickly restyle the entire document just by editing the style-sheet definitions.
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