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If you want your forecast to show an increase over time in your sales or costs, LivePlan has an entry mode for that. It's called Varying amounts over time.

You can select this mode in any forecast entry. The Varying amounts over time mode allows you to enter different numbers for each month (or year) of your forecast. When you enter increasing numbers in a Revenue entry, your forecast will show income growth over time.

Note: This entry mode works well for other kinds of scenarios, too - for details, read Forecasting varying amounts over time.


The example below shows you how to access Varying amounts over time for a sample revenue entry, but the process is identical for all sections of your forecast:



Showing growth with the point-and-click chart

For a quick way to enter sales growth, you can use the point-and-click chart to draw the increase, and the numbers will fill in automatically, as shown below.

Just enter the first month's number to give the chart a starting point, and then click on that point and drag it forward to chart the growth. You can then manually adjust any of these numbers as you like:



Showing growth with manual entry

You can also manually enter increasing numbers to represent growth:



Copying and pasting from a spreadsheet

If you already have a spreadsheet in another program, you can also copy a row of sales data into the Varying amounts over time input. For more details, see Pasting numbers from a spreadsheet into the forecast.

Note: when you use this option, be sure to pay special attention to the type of data that's being requested in your Revenue entry. The instructions will indicate which numbers are needed.
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