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By default, LivePlan takes all the forecast details you've entered, and compiles them down to totals for display in the Profit & Loss statement. This is generally the preferred format for lenders and investors, but there may be cases where you'll need to present a plan document that contains more detail.

Note: If you just need to share some of your in-progress forecast data with a colleague, you can also print reports from the Forecast tab.

You can always add an Appendix chapter to your plan before you download it. This added chapter will display the Profit & Loss with a variety of extra detail options.

Note: The Appendix will only display in the downloaded plan. You will not see it in the app.


Adding an Appendix to the plan

  1. Under the Plan tab, click Download & Print:
  2. In the Setup section of the page, locate Appendix and click the Edit button:
  3. In the overlay that appears, check or uncheck the boxes for any details you'd like to add to your Profit & Loss:

    Note: Clicking Show individual direct costs will display direct costs and direct labor.

    Clicking Show individual employees will show only regular labor.

  4. Click Save & Close:


Differences in revenue details

If you check the box for Show individual revenue streams:


...You'll see an itemized list of your revenue sources in the downloaded plan, as shown below:


If you also check the box for Show revenue details:


...Then below each itemized revenue stream you'll also see the unit amounts that make up its monthlytotals, as shown below:

Revenue details for a Unit Sales revenue stream:


Revenue details for a Billable Hours revenue stream:


Revenue details for a Recurring Charges revenue stream:


Note: If you've used the Revenue Only model for your revenue streams, you'll only see the dollar amounts you've entered for each stream in the Profit and Loss.


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