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If you'd like to show more forecast detail in your plan, you can add an Appendix chapter before downloading it. This chapter can contain include any or all of the following statements:

  • A Profit & Loss with monthly detail, that can also include itemized lists of the following:
    • Your revenue streams (If you like, you can also opt to display the units sold and unit pricing for each revenue stream.)
    • Your direct costs
    • Your personnel costs
  • A Balance Sheet with monthly detail
  • A Cash Flow statement with monthly detail


Adding an Appendix to the plan

  1. Under the Plan tab, click Download & Print:
  2. In the Setup section of the page, locate Appendix and click the Edit button:
  3. In the overlay that appears, check or uncheck the boxes for any details you'd like to add to your plan. Click Save & Close:

    Note: The check boxes for additional levels of Profit & Loss detail must be clicked individually.


Finding your new Appendix chapter

Please note that when you add an Appendix to your plan, it will only be visible in the downloaded copy. You will not see it within the app:


Note: This Appendix chapter will be formatted in "landscape" orientation in the downloaded plan, in order to accommodate the monthly detail. All other chapters of your plan will be in "portrait" orientation.


All of the data that was used to create this statement is still visible in your entries in the Forecast tab. So if you're interested in sharing these details with someone in an online format, you can always issue a pass to your plan.


Note: if you've already added a custom chapter to your plan as an appendix, then adding this monthly-detail appendix will result in your plan having two Appendix chapters: one in "landscape" orientation and the other in "portrait" orientation. You can change the title of your custom Appendix to reflect the difference between the two.


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