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Outpost operates as a communications layer on top of your email accounts. Actions you take in Outpost—such as replying to conversations—will automatically update your source email account.

When you first connect an email account with Outpost, you'll find that any sent messages in the email account will also appear in the Sent folder of your new Outpost account. You'll also find that unread emails from the source account will load into Outpost as unread, and emails that have been read will load into Outpost as read.

As you work in Outpost day by day, the app sends status updates back to your source email account. That way, the source email account also reflects new emails and replies that were sent using Outpost, as well as any emails that were deleted or marked as spam.

Note: If you make changes in the source email account, these will not appear in Outpost.

The idea here is simply that if you return to your source email account, it will reflect most of the actions you and your team have taken in Outpost.

With that said, however, there are some elements of a conversation that will exist only in Outpost. Changes to these elements will not appear in your source email account:

  • Drafts in progress
  • Notes added to the conversation
  • The automated History from the conversation
  • Saved searches
  • Templates
  • Resolved statuses
  • Assignments to specific users


Moving a conversation to another mailbox

Keep in mind that each mailbox you create in your Outpost account is based on a different email address. This affects what happens if you start a conversation in one mailbox and then move it to another one. When you move a conversation to another mailbox, updates between Outpost and the original source email account will be disconnected. If you make updates to that conversation in Outpost after the move, they will not appear in any source email account.

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