How do I edit my financial statements?

The Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Cash Flow statements in LivePlan are calculated automatically from the entries you've made in the Forecast section. Since the items on each of these three financial statements are interrelated they cannot be edited directly as this would impact the accuracy of the other statements. Therefore, you'll need to update the forecast entries themselves in order to edit the numbers that appear in the financial statements. Your plan financials will automatically re-calculate once the individual forecast entries are edited and saved. 

The following articles describe which entries in your forecast are used to calculate the various items in your financial statements:

Editing forecast entries in LivePlan

  1. In the Forecast menu, click on the section for the entry type you'd like to update (i.e, Revenue, Direct Costs, Personnel, Expenses, and so on):
  2. Next, click on the green title of the item you'd like to update:

  3. In the editor, use the Next and Back buttons to navigate between steps, as shown below:

  4. Once the edits have been made, click Save & Close.

  5. Now, use the links in the Forecast sidebar to navigate back to the financial statement, so you can see the effect of this change:


If you're having trouble locating a forecast entry

In certain tables, such as the Personnel table, you may need to click the triangle icons to expand the lines so you can access the editable entries, as shown below:

To expand or condense all lines in a particular table, click on the triangle icon to the left of the table name:



For more information:


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