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From time to time, you might want to mark a conversation so that you can quickly return to it again later. Perhaps you want to follow up, or discuss it with a team member. In this case, you can star the conversation:



From within any conversation, click on the Star icon at the top of the view:


Note: A conversation will remain starred until you remove the star. Click the star icon a second time to remove the star.


Once starred, the conversation's preview card will also be starred in your account folders (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Archived):



You can easily find your starred conversations, arranged by date, in the Starred folder in the sidebar:


Within the Starred folder, be sure to select All mailboxes and All users so you're able to see all of the starred messages:


Note: Any starred message that has been marked as Trash or Spam won't appear in the Starred folder.


More on sorting and searching conversations:

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