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You can customize the outline of your plan, adding and removing chapters, sections, and topics to reflect your business model. And once you have your plan outline as you like it, you can choose which chapters to include when you download the plan for printing or sharing.

You might, for example, want to exclude chapters you haven't written yet. Or maybe you want to download a version of your plan that only includes the financial plan information. You can create these customized downloads, and change them, at any time.

Note: This option applies to full chapters only. If you choose to exclude a chapter from a download, then all sections and topics in that chapter will also be excluded.
If you need to remove sections or topics, see this article instead.


  1. In the Plan tab, click Download & Print:
  2. Locate the Setup section in the lower right corner of the page. In the Chapters area, click Edit:
  3. You can Select all chapters or Select none by using the links near the top of the overlay:
  4. Alternatively, click the check boxes next to individual chapter titles to toggle them on or off. All chapters with check marks will be included in the downloaded plan:

    Note: Keep in mind that, if you've selected a chapter that is currently empty, and you've also un-checked the box for "Include empty chapters" (below), that empty chapter won't be included.

  5. Finally, you can choose to include or exclude chapters that are currently empty in your plan outline (meaning, you haven't written them yet). Click the check box as shown below. Click Save & Close:
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