Changing to a different type of Sales Forecast table Follow


To switch between the units-based and value-based sales forecasts, use the Table Settings:

  1. On the View menu, point to Tables and click Sales Forecast
  2. Click the Table Settings tab
  3. Your current setting choices will display. Click the link for the units or value-based setting.
  4. In the Change Selected Setting area, click the other option. You can click "Setting Detail" to see the full text for this setting.
  5. Click the Next Task button to open the Wizard or Spreadsheet and complete your new Sales Forecast.



When you first switch, it may appear as though you have lost your earlier forecasting data. These different forecasts are actually two different versions of the table, and you must enter data for them independently. If you switch back to your original forecast type, you will see that your data is still present.

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