Can I import or attach additional documents to my plan?

Overall, we tend to recommend keeping your business plan lean. Detailed outside documents, such as lease agreements or contacts, are often best kept separate from your plan document so lenders and investors can focus on your market opportunity and forecast details.

If you do need to add a supplemental document to your plan, this article offers several options: 

Adding custom sections to your plan outline

Since the LivePlan outline is so flexible, you can always add custom chapters, sections, and topics to your plan. These may be perfect for pasting in supplemental content you've collected in outside documents.

Using an image upload

For individual charts and simple tables you've produced in outside programs, you can always take a screenshot and then import that to your plan as an image.

Using Google Drive

You may want to import more complex documents to Google Drive, allowing online sharing. Once uploaded, you can set the sharing parameters for your document and include a link to it in your plan.

Using a Word document to add pages

If you export your finished plan as a Word document and then open it in Word, you can merge another document with your plan, insert additional pages, or paste in outside tables or charts. 

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Merging PDF documents

If you have supplemental documents saved as PDF files, you can download your finished plan as a PDF. There are several free "PDF stitcher" tools available online that you can use to combine multiple PDF documents into a single document. An online search for "PDF stitcher" will connect you to some tool options.

A note on the Appendix section

In the LivePlan outline, all pages in the default Appendix chapter will have a "landscape," or horizontal, orientation. This is because we include your financial statements with monthly detail in this chapter, and those statements contain so much information they're best displayed horizontally.

If you have some additional appendix material you'd like to add with a vertical orientation, you can always add a custom chapter for it and title it as a separate Appendix. 

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